I originally posted this last October. However, I’d like to repost it. Love is the strongest force in this world. Certainly, acts of love and kindness don’t get the press that those of violence and hatred do… and it is easy to forget or belittle all the good. I share this with you today to remind you— there is a lot of love in this world

Peace begins at home and love begins with you.



5:41 PM – YouTube One Love, Free Hugs video
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I’m home sick today, working, the trip to the post office seemed like an epic adventure. Just one of those days. Fall day, fever, sneezy, wheezy, you know… just lowers your spirits. Makes you want someone here with warm soup when you get up. A friend of mine sent this link out via email earlier today. And it totally cheered me up. Now, not feelin’ that low… makes you want to go hug your friends and total strangers… peace begins at home and love begins with YOU.


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big smile on my face over here

Posted by otherbrother on Friday, October 06, 2006 at 8:07 AM