This is going to seem a bit off-character for me, but I’m a Gemini and therefore, nothing should ever truly surprise you….

Tomorrow is my birthday. I must have been a very good girl this year because tomorrow is the final in three against the Yankees.  The game is in NY and I must admit, I am fond of that stadium. Doesn’t clinch my heart as much as Fenway, but it’s close. Just all that history.

I think the best vacation would be to travel around the country taking in games at as many stadiums as possible while also attending as many music festivals as possible. But that’s just me. I like ball fields. Take PacBell or whatever the Giants’ organization is calling it these days. It’s a great place to see a game, too bad you have to watch the Giants play there, though. I’d rather watch the As play since so many of my beloved AAA Rivercats have moved up to the majors. Hmmm. Maybe if I’d been a really good girl this year, the As Sox series would have fallen two weeks early (scheduled for the first week in June). There’s a thought. Okay, I digress, back to my point… tomorrow is game three and I just read Rob Mo’s recap of game 2. One up, one down. Tomorrow is Schilling and Pettitte matchup.

So, for me, I think I’ll work out in the gardens, soak up some sunshine, get cleaned up, work on an art project and listen to the game before heading over to dinner with friends. Taking the day off, playing around Wildlands AND listening to the Sox play the Yanks? Awesome. Since I refuse to get cable, I listen to WKRO’s Red Sox announcers line out the games on’s gameday audio. I love that. Something old school about listening to games, something my grandfather would have done. Hmmm, except my grandfather wasn’t fond of baseball (every family has to have a black sheep, sadly).

The only reason I do wish I had cable for tomorrow’s game. I like watching Pettitte, mitt to face, cap all curved and only those dark eyes looking through. It’s sorta creepy…and it makes me laugh.

I like Curt Schilling. I know folks think he can be annoying, but he endeared himself to me years ago when he played for Philadelphia and so, there’s no going back. Gotta give me a point or so for old-school sentimentality…not to mention, loyalty. Sorta like Joey Cora. Anyway, I digress (again). I was there for Phillies’ opening day (1998, i think?) and Luke Perry of 90210 fame pitched the first ball. Of course, all the Eagles’ fans (aren’t Phillies’ fans really only Eagles’ fans waiting for football season, I mean, truly?) booed Perry off the mound. Schilling took the mound and walked the first two or three batters and the fans began throwing down the fridge magnets that had been handed out as opening day gifts. The game was stopped so the ground crews came out and picked up the magnets (who would have thought they’d be that aerodynamic?) while the announcers for-shamed the crowd and threatened no more opening day gifts for you, bad Eagles’, err, Phillies’ fans! So, anyway, before long, the crowd was chanting “Perry” and Schilling, when he did come off the mound, he waved to the crowd. I laughed outright (nearly got socked by a Jersey girl…yikes!) and from that moment on, I must admit, I thought he was great.

I’m a girl. It doesn’t always have to be about the stats. Sometimes it can just be about the man. So, if you ever see me wearing a Phillies’ cap (I was given a great cotton one that day), you’ll know why (that and the fact I lost my Red Sox cap kayaking two summers ago).

So, i’m going to say… Yanks 3, Red Sox 4 tomorrow (I’ll be 34 tomorrow, see how that works). Go Red Sox!

Postscript: May 24, 2007
The Sox lost last night. I will not make more of it than that.
Otherwise, I had a lovely birthday.