I wanted to share something really funny that happened this afternoon. It’s been a crazy three weeks and there have been times when I know I am on autopilot. However, after this incident this afternoon, I know I need to seriously kick back and FOCUS.

So, this afternoon, I go to the cigar shop to purchase a few cigars for my boss because he’s been so awesome helping me deal with a sticky state and federal permitting situation for a project that was supposed to go to construction on April 9th. Obviously, I’m stressed. It isn’t going well. As soon as I step out of the shop, I get a call and it isn’t horrific news, but it isn’t good. The first large project I won on behalf of my company as Project Manager— is going down the toilet. Fast. I spend several minutes on the phone pacing back and forth in the parking lot at the Tower theatre.

I hang up the phone as I get into the Jeep. I put my head against the steering wheel for a few moments, turn the key in the ignition, and pick up the Starbucks venti cup that is in the cup holder next to me, begin drinking it when a man comes running up to the car, screaming and waving his arms.

I have several thoughts in this order as I’m putting the car into reverse:

1. Damn Starbucks. My americano tastes funny. I bet they put in regular milk instead of soy milk.

2. Damn Starbucks. The kid asked my name and I told him it was Jennifer, why does my cup say “Chris” ???? I am never drinking Starbucks coffee again… except for maybe moments of desperation…like earlier this afternoon when i really needed it.

3. Huh. They must have added insulation to their hot cups recently. My Americano is still warm after four hours.

4. What is this fruitcake screaming about? I saw you, jeez, i wasn’t going to run you over in the parking lot.

5. OH MY GOD, where are my tax returns???? They were lying in the seat next to me when I got out of the car… (I hit the brakes).

I take a quick look around the car: OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, this IS NOT my JEEP!!!!! I put the Jeep into drive, pull back into the parking lot, pull up my courage, grab the coffee, get out the silver Jeep and as the man is screaming about me how he’s calling the cops, stealing his rental car, etc., I smile and say :

“Here’s your coffee. Sorry, I drank some.”

I quickly look around the parking lot for my silver Jeep. I spot it parked about three cars away. I very quickly start talking and point out that my Jeep looks just like his Jeep, errr, I must have gotten turned around when I was pacing and mistook his Jeep for my Jeep. Except…wow, your Jeep is really clean, i say. He is pissed and obviously doesn’t believe me. Actually, I don’t BELIEVE me either.

And so, I click the button on my keys and BOTH jeeps’ horns honk and lights flash. I tell him I have a rental car from Enterprise, and he (looking astounded) says he does too. He pretty much calmed down after that, though he did open the lid of his starbucks cup and pour the remainder of his drink on the ground.

and so, I nearly stole a car today.

I KNEW there was something WRONG with that coffee….