It started as a joke, you see. In December, the chick night gals got together here at Wildlands to make sock monkeys. We ate, drank, and then, after awhile, headed up to the studio to make our sock monkeys. Soon, we found ourselves making funny noises, laughing outright, and murmuring in low voices… Huh? what do I do? I cut where? Uhhh I think my monkey’s limbs are crooked…Laughter. Silence. Outbursts of giggles. Making sock monkeys became seriously fun business. We’d talked up the sock monkey making event so much, coworkers asked us about the production the next day. Before we sat down and made our monkeys, most of us thought we’d be giving ours away. Originally, I was going to hand the produced monkey over to Siddhartha as a Christmas present. Hahahahahaha. Yeah, no. We’re all holding onto ours. With each stitch, our monkeys became their own monkey with its own personality. Some added accessories (which we made). We now find ourselves noticing little accessories here and there… maybe Christina’s will become a folk singer with a guitar. Diana’s casually looking for a bow tie for hers. Mine? He has his beanie and some knitting needles with a little sweater begun on his sticks. Mine (his crotch left unstitched, no ears or tail) found a perch on the mantle for the Holidays. I screetched at an embarassing volume when Maty tried to abduct him during the tree trimming party. Julie took hers to work today because she didn’t want to leave her at home. Whoever would have thought a group of gals could come to love their sock monkeys so much?

Last night was Sock Monkey Part Deux over at Bee’s house. Fondu, wine, and sock monkeys!

Christina (and her future monkey) and Diana (with her
sock monkey and indentified friend)

Bee (her toe sock chicken and monkey)

Mahala (sans monkey making mojo–but happily knitting
an awesome alpaca scarf, Julie (with flashy monkey) and
Misa (with soon-to-be pickle monkey)













Bee’s monkey, chicken, and my Monk…before the drinks
Intoxicated sock animals. Note the intense concentration on
the faces of Diana and Christina. Serious business, I tell ya.








Before the drinking began… 

Monk, hanging at the house with his knitting project
We are now brainstorming sock monkey productions… staged photos, a calendar at the end of the year? After a few glasses of wine, lots of ideas pop up. Good times. And so, it begins….

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his lips are kissable. heehee

Posted by laura becomes eclectic on Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 2:38 PM
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