Given my last blog and recent bulletin, I thought perhaps we could all benefit from a quick resource guide to our government offices and elected officials. My hope is to provide information that may increase awareness and understanding of the branches of government. Ultimately, I’d like to encourage all to become more involved in the democratic process by expressing opinions and concerns (on domestic and foreign policy) to our elected officials.

a great quick resource to find out what’s being discussed and voted on by Congress, etc. Simple, easy resource page.

House of Representatives:
House of Representatives’ home page. On this page you can also look at the voting roll calls to check in on your Representative’s voting history.
Direct link to locate and write your Representative

US Senate homepage. On this page you can find review the Senate’s sesson 2007 schedule and hearing schedule as well as vote histories.
How to contact your Senator help page
Contact search page for the Senate.
The 110th Senate Organizational Chart. A good overall resource to understand the committee structure.

State Legislative Bodies:
This is a database containing information home pages of the fifty state legislatures, the DC, and the territories so that you can local your local legislative body.

Executive  Branch:
White House home page. Links to press releases, executive orders, proclamations, current events, etc. are listed here. What I really like about this page is the posting of press conferences and major speeches. Unfortunatley, it is not updated as much as I would like it to be (or think it should be). Happy reading!
While you cannot send the President an email directly, there is a link to send “comments.” Also, Vice President Cheney’s email is provided.

Judicial Branch:
Homepage for the federal judicial center. Mostly a general resource that could include past rulings, etc., and related information.
Homepage of the Supreme Court with dockets, rulings, etc. Again, just the facts, ma’am.