Currently, I’m a wee bit distracted knitting and felting fair isle totes for Carrie, my sister Einah, and my mom. I’m having fun experimenting with different wools (for texture) and colours. I used a pattern from Berroco for Carrie’s bag. About 40 rows into it, I decided that I liked the overall pattern, I’d rather tweak the designs a bit. I’m glad I did. I have grommets to support the shoulder straps. Paton wool felts up beautifully. The colours become slightly muted in the felting process, but I found it quite appealing. Not a bad first felting project.

carries-bag_nearly-done-3.JPGFor Einah’s bag, I began experimenting with differnt kinds of wool, which on the swatch produced different textures. These wools give depth to the designs. I used Paton wool (black, green) and new zealand wool of different thicknesses (white and blue). I have to finish knitting the bottom and sew it together. Once that is done, I will begin the felting process.

Einah’s Bag. Knitted. Combination of Paton and New
Zealand wool. January 2007.