This fall was all about designing items. My  friend Julie has said it comes naturally to me because my mom is one of those prolific knitters. Hmm. Maybe. Yet, it took me nearly 17 years and countless teasing by friends before I was able to master knitting. And yes, I have mastered knitting. I suppose it is like all things… if you put your mind to it, you can achieve great things.

And so, I’ve been designing items— beanie caps, scarves, etc. My friend up in Seattle is wearing the first cable beanie I designed (for him) in early fall. It’s a bit difficult making a beanie for someone so far away and I need to remember, I have a small head. Bigger heads need to be made longer before decreasing around the crown. I find a length of 6″ (from sticks to ribbing) is a good amount before beginning the decreasing (to form the crown). Making beanies is not hard. Circulars make the knitting go wicked fast and throwing in cables is easy enough.

Stiches’ scarf made with two-strand alpaca fingering weight yarn. Featuring
tree of life, simple cables, and chain links. December 2006.

The scarf was designed for the same friend up in Seattle. It was his Christmas gift. I am constantly amazing how time consuming knitting  is compared to crochet. The scarf took nearly 60 hours to knit and I felt a part of Santa’s sweatshop the two weeks before Christmas, working furiously to complete it. I had great inspiration while making it, wanting to give my friend this homemade gift. Turns out, it’s the first scarf he’s ever owned.  A bit unfortunate, but he doesn’t like it. That’s the danger of making a gift rather than purchase something you know they want. Yet, it was a good experiment using the thin fingering weight yarn.. The alpaca was super soft but firmly held the Aran designs very well. If interested in the pattern, email me at the address listed on the main Wildlands’ page.