I  love California. This morning, driving to work, the fog settling down around me and a soft rain coming down, I put on Kate Wolf and listened to her singing. “Sweet smell of pine and tall western cedar…”

I got to Petaluma and walked around in the mist. Winter here is misty and magical, i think. Even when it rains, or perhaps, especially when it rains. Rain waits for winter to arrive and when you go that long between rain drops, rain can make you sappy/giggy. Today it did not pour, though, the site was extremely muddy and i’m happy to report i didn’t slide the jeep into a canal—which was a very real reality about 11.30 am when I began slippin and slidin (thank you Ohio snow driving lessons!)

I feel at peace. The feeling of the fog surrounding me continued as i drove home in the rain, through Napa. Then, as I came through American Canyon, the fog opened up to beautiful dusky sunlight with the most amazing clouds filtering the light. I stopped at a fruit/veggie stand in Dixon, feeling a renewed sense of upcoming festivities. The place was packed and I had fun selecting baking pumpkins (I got 9 but I think i’ll need more for all those bread loaves and pies). Then I got sucked into the dried fruit section… currants, pineapple, ginger, cranberries, golden raisins. Then pecans, walnuts, and pistachios. And what will do I with all this? Can you say Fruitcake? No, not me, silly, but rather a recipe from the 1790’s I’m dying to try.

This is home. Laughing. It should be, after all… Love to all. JIG

Currently listening :
Looking Back at You
By Kate Wolf
Release date: By 22 March, 1994

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laura becomes eclectic

yay!  Encouraged to hear you are feeling at home.  I hope I can stop by for some of that pumpkin bread…

Posted by laura becomes eclectic on Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 12:36 PM