Just listened to Bush’s news conference announcing Donald Rumsfeld’s removal as Secretary of Defense. His replacement is Robert Gates (former CIA head between 1991 and 1993). Details can be read in the Washington Post’s online article Rumsfeld Quits; Bush Taps Gates for Post.

I may not have gotten articles of impeachment for Bush as my birthday present this year (last May) but certainly, this is a dandy early Christmas present.

If you have the time, find the video or transcripts of the press conference today, which of course dealt a good deal with the Congressional shift of power as well as Rumsfeld’s removal and replacement.

Bush appeared to be a bit humble during this press conference, though still rather combative with the members of the press. He was still the fumbling bumbling public speaker we have come to expect. I gave up counting his flustered mis-steps after the first five minutes. What did surprise me a bit was the sometimes harsh (like a reprimand), but overall awkward banter he held with members of the press. Signs of distress and anger were present and I was surprised that the president of the US couldn’t control himself a bit more, or at least veil it better. While he would not admit to having been out of touch with Americans, he did conceed his disappointment in the Congressional power shift and recognized the need for cooperation to prevent gridlock in Congress. Sounds the same ole same ole when power shifts between parties. We shall see… popcorn anyone?

A good day indeed.