Thursday, September 21, 2006

I know the official start to Fall isn’t for a few more days, but here in California, it’s questionable if a calendar is really helpful. As i’m up north, there are more signs of seasonal change, though, certainly not as dramatic or as clear as back East or farther north. It’s nice to know, it feels like fall but the rain won’t come for another few weeks.

The last few days have been glorious. Starting last weekend, the wind kicked up its feet, sent last year’s leaves twirling, and provided that lovely scent that is Fall. You know what I’m talking about. Couple all of this with warm sunshine that heats up the skin but nothing more. Golden, all day long.

Yesterday was particularly lovely. I woke up early and laid in bed watching the sun beams twinkle outside through the green leaves of my neighbor’s elm tree. And I had the sense, which I’ve had a few times in the last two weeks, that life is beautiful and I am happy. Of course, snuggled down next to me and incredibly adorable these days, was Siddhartha. Sweetpea has taken to sleeping in, a behavior that is a true sign of fall. During the warmer months, ms. pea is notorious for her early morning habits which include scampers back and forth between the yard and my bed, loud gurgles, and licking of my eyelids until I give in and get up.

As the weather turns cooler, she stays in bed, flopped on her side, pawing at me and gurgling. I find this incredibly cute and far more endearing than the licking of eyelids trick. Fall mornings are slower and more golden and fun. I get up, stretch more, not so much in a panic to get out the door like i usually am. I wake up earlier, brew an espresso, get dressed (though this currently involves a fast paced scamper out to the porch…which if you recall is still exposed to the outdoors, so err… it’s getting to be a mad dash, not a leisurely picking through the dryer contents), and then Siddy and I take off in the chilly morning for our walk.

It is these weeks, the golden mornings and evenings in which I happily ponder… cold or steamed soymilk? Soon, the foggy mornings will begin and that will be a sign of winter. As much as I love the fog, I hold onto these days and know they’ll last until early November. That’s gorgeous and lovely.

Now… if i can just finish up the backroom and get the windows back in, i’m sure i’ll start a new ritual that involves sipping hot coffee and starring out at the back yard. Of course i have additional dreams regarding that back room, but let’s be real. The windows aren’t in yet and I am beginning to dream of just having windows! I am truly looking forward to more outdoor fires, drinking, and dinner with friends. Just looked today to order more firewood… that makes me feel terribly adult… ordering firewood.

I’m sure it is already feeling like fall back east… I’ll see some of you in October as I play in Philly and go see some fall foliage in NY. And to the rest of you far away, forgive me NOW for the onslaught of sappiness that will be pouring forth between now and Christmas. I’m a sap and a sucker for fall. I will share this ad naseum with each of you as even neighborhood walks turn up stories and photos of unbelieveable days.  Sunday market days find me returning with acorn squash and pumpkins for decoration and warm soups. So, i say to each of you… here’s to beautiful days and beautiful nights. Bring on Fall!